People have been building for more than 23,000 years. The oldest known human-made structure is the Theopetra Cave in Kalambaka, Greece.

I have been photographing human-made structures in the landscape for several years. The current project; BUILT is a collection of these photographs that range from the ruins of the Puebloan people of the Southwest United States to modern urban architecture and civil engineering endeavors.

The images for the BUILT project documents structures and architecture that not only tell the story of building; they strive to create a metaphor for human existence. These are not landscapes or cityscapes as much as they are locations to find evidence of humanity. Place becomes not only the site to build; it is the backdrop to explore abstract ideas.

The images in this gallery are a sampling of the artist book project created in 2020 and is available from Blurb publishing. Go to the link to preview and purchase the book below or visit the publications page.

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This artist photobook includes eighty color and black & white images. Contact us to order a signed copy.

By Philip Malkin
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